Mission vision
Since 2011, Baite Lighting has continued to break through existing product research and development and application technologies. In the field of outdoor landscape lighting, it has focused on the development of various lighting fixtures and continued optimization and improvement. It cooperates with DMX main control and sub-control systems to achieve various types of buildings, Landscape and city-level systematic lighting solutions.
The essence of Baite Lighting's independent research and development comes from various special needs and high-tech threshold projects. This combination of creativity and experience makes Baite Lighting a representative of high-quality private customization for the industry, and cooperate with the continuous innovation of the control system. The self-developed driving force constantly rewrites the forward-looking and innovative nature of LED lighting fixtures and control systems, always pursuing the best changes and the most positive ideas, inspiring us to pursue stronger goals-to become one of the industry's top leaders .
R & D patents

Strong R & D team with 50 R & D patents
Customized solutions, project case 500
Strict quality control system, quality control system 20 people

  • 50+

    R & D patents

  • 20+

    Quality Control System Staff

  • 500+

    Project cases

Technical team
Baite Lighting has rigorous innovation-design-experiment-test-mass production processes, upgrade design ideas to practical applications, and use our lighting fixtures and software systems to achieve various installation needs and lighting effects. Pre-sale professional consulting service, detailed selection of lamps, installation methods and control system feedback during sale, quality assurance and real-time service of after-sale products. With the management concept of “quality is the life of the enterprise, efficiency is the value of the enterprise, and humanity is the cornerstone of the enterprise”, it communicates with customers in real time and effectively, and provides all necessary technical services and support to continuously meet the needs of customer groups.
Team strength

Strong R & D team with 20 R & D personnel,
300 front-line production personnel, 30 engineering and technical personnel
20 quality control systems, 60 other management staff

  • 30+

    R & D personnel

  • 30+


  • 60+

    Project manager

From order receiving, research and development, design, production, sales, technical support, pre-sale, middle, and after-sales services, the vertical integration advantage from top to bottom is beyond the reach of other peers. Material procurement and verification are performed in a dedicated laboratory for various tests; strict SOP management of production processes, manufacturing technology and quality inspection help maintain high output and excellent quality, so we have higher quality standards to Facing rigorous inspections by customers. Baite Lighting has always adhered to the field of comprehensive solutions for LED lighting fixtures and control systems.
production ability

Factory building area of 20,000 square meters
300 front-line production staff
Production capacity: 200,000 sets / month

  • 20,000

    Factory building area

  • 300+

    Frontline production staff

  • 20W

    Monthly production capacity / set