After-sale service

Where the purchase of our products is within the warranty period and belongs to the product quality problem (except for the special low-priced negotiated defects and processed products), the customer is responsible for returning the defective product to our factory, and our company is responsible for free maintenance, and for non-repairable products If the product has a long maintenance period, we will replace the product with the same model and specifications.


Products beyond the time limit covered by our company or due to improper use by customers are not covered by the warranty. If our company needs maintenance, our company only charges repair parts and costs.

Service process
  • Call the official service phone

  • Describe product issues
    And service claims

  • Product issue review

  • Confirm your area

  • Appointed service hours

  • On-site service

  • User return visits

National Service Hotline:
+86- 189 2848 0899
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