What are the outdoor landscape lighting projects


1. Architectural landscape lighting project

The most common architectural lighting projects include floodlighting, outline lighting, indoor lightening, etc. The floodlighting of building facades refers to the direct lighting of buildings with lights (floodlights) based on the angle calculated by the design Face and reconstruct the image of the building at night.

2. Overpass landscape lighting project Overpass is often the artery of urban traffic. I looked at the overpass from a distance. This is a road that goes up and down and then spreads everywhere. The image of the lane is mainly displayed on the railing of the lane. The overpass is mainly a layered, multi-lane vertical overlapping relationship and horizontal depth expression, which truly reflects the landscape charm of the overpass

3. High-rise landscape lighting

The lighting project usually involves the architects of the foundation, tower and tower b, and gives the corresponding meaning of each part of the design. They all have corresponding functions. From an aesthetic point of view, their aesthetic value lies in establishing a landmark for a region. Therefore, the complete lighting performance of each part of the tower is very important, and the performance of only one part will alienate the overall image of the tower. The lighting of each part of the tower is set to cheat

The lighting performance of the outdoor landscape lighting project is to complete the integrity of the tower image. When viewing at close range, the light setting should take into account people's feelings. The configuration of light brightness, light hue and light projection direction should aim at human visual comfort. For the entire tower, from the bottom to the top, the lighting should be gradually increased to create a towering feeling while also conforming to the visual rules of people viewing the landscape.